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General Information

Process name: Userinit Logon Application or honey or love or hello or task
Product name: Microsoft Windows Operating System or honey or FUCK YOU or thanhminh or Hav_online or THANHMINH or ??1 or Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Operating System
Made by company: Microsoft Corporation
File: userinit.exe
File size: 24,576 bytes
Common file location: C:\Program Files
Danger Rating: 25% [Harmless]

More information on userinit.exe

If you want a detailed security rating about your userinit.exe (and all other running background processes) read the following user opinions, and download the free trial version of Security Task Manager.


Visitor Comments About userinit.exe
It is an essential part of windows but some trojans are also designed with same name
I am experiencing that the userinit.exe has about 4 processes running in the task manager (OS XP). The bad thing is that I am unable to connect to the Internet via a web browser with these redundant processes. I decided to end ALL the userinit.exe processes and just after that, refrehed my browser..and all is well. I am trying to work around this but too busy. So after each boot, I have to end the userinit.exe processes. COuld be a malware.
There are two files, one called userinit.exe and the other us?rinit.exe where the ? is actually a unicode character that appears as the letter e in Windows Explorer (use a good tool like FAR Manager to see it as a ?). When entering certain passwords, before pressing Enter, the network activity light blinks on the router -- its as if they want to capture keystrokes regardless of whether the user presses the Enter key, and I cant help but wonder if theyre stealing passwords. Anyway, sometimes the screen will go blank. I used F-Prot Anti-Virus from a clean machine to remove it. If you remove this live or from within Safe Mode, this program will intercept most Anti-Virus and Anti-SpyWare tools, so you need to scan it as a secondary hard drive from a clean machine. When hiding, it will be detected as a SpyWare program called Antivirus2010 -- this is only a decoy, and the real deal will be removed for the trojanvirus that is really is when you scan from a clean machine. Make sure youre deleting the right file though; Windows Explorer is the wrong tool for this job (use DOS or a good tool like FAR Manager).
It has been userinit.exe is necessary to run Windows XP. Goto C:WINDOWSsystem32 and find it, Right Click and choose Properties. Click the Version Tab and you should see that the Company is Microsoft and the File Version matches your Patch Level.
Be warned because there is a virus or malware named userini.exe that will create up to 3 processes in the task manager. All of these will go from 0% to 100% of your CPU. Be careful as my computer was blocked from moving, always hanging. Now i am using a temporary. SAFE SURFING
If the file is removed, you will not be able to logon to XP. Some malware replaces the registry entry for this file with their own file.
A day after reinstall of OS on new hard drive, my firewall stated it was trying to access the Internet through Googles Chrome. Very odd. I blocked it from getting Internet access.
Userinit.exe is an essential windows file. Virus and malaware sometimes change registry keys related, check registry if userinit.exe is followed by anything else then you probable have an infection.
Encountered the same error and I cant logon to Windows. What I did was CTRL+ALT+DEL, Task Manager, click New Task and typed Control Panel on the Run command prompt. After which, Windows already displayed desktop. Problem is, Network IPs were reset.
The userinit prevents my pc from loading the taskbar and icons. the only thing i can see is the wallpaper. I get around this by running explorer.exe through task manager. It doesnt restrict my internet access, but it prevents me from anything related to stopping this virus. I cant even install avira, what can I do?
It is use less i aquar problem on startup as well as on shutdown
It sometimes locks up and Windows wont finish starting the startup apps until I log off and log in again.
Userinit.exe IS a vital part of the OS, however, if you are infected with a virus it attaches itself to Userinit.exe to run in stealth. Typically it disables your firewall and task manager. Observe your processes through youre internet security program to see if it is running after logon- if it is, then you have a virus. DONT DELETE IT OR YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO LOGON. Unplug ethernet cable, use safe mode and run your cleaning tool (registry too). Also, configure your security so that it doesnt run on startup because its only an app that is accessed very briefly and doesnt need to run.
All those who rated this a 1 are right!! Read their Posts again. Next, be sure you have the Filename right. Some Worms use very similar names. userinit.exe is necessary to run Windows XP. Goto C:WINDOWSsystem32 and find it, Right Click and choose Properties. Click the Version Tab and you should see that the Company is Microsoft and the File Version matches your Patch Level. If it does LEAVE IT ALONE!! If not run System File Checker and let it replace the file: sfc scannow in the Run Dialog Box.
There is a legitimate file named userinit.exe and if it starts on its own with no action taken by you, more than likely it is the legitimate file. However, at some point a trojan or or nasty could get on your system somehow and if it is added to the start menu startup folder or somehow requires you to say ok to start then you most likely have a problem.
In Vista I have in ComputerHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWinlogon a key Userinit with value C:Windowssystem32userinit.exe which seem to be ok, but in ComputerHKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun I had a key userinit with value c:usersiappdata oaming wext.exe I deleted this.
Then go to windowssystem32 and delete userinit.exe. Then the system will tell you that you just deleted an important file and that you have to insert SP2 or SP3 cds to repair. DO NOT RESTART YOUR COMPUTER AT THIS POINT. Insert the corresponding service pack cd and it will repair it itself. You are now free from this virus.
There are many viruses that mainly work through userinit.exe. You can know when you have a problem if userinit.exe does not dissapear from task manager 20 after you log in your computer or if the file itself is bigger than ~30KB. This file will prevent you from using safe mode and slowly kill your computer. You have to log on safe mode, select Administrator account and then you will notice that nothing happens. Press alt+cntrl+delete and you will notice that userinit.exe is bugged and still running. Close it and go to File- Run and type explorer.exe. Then you will be successfully logged in
It is windows file but can be disguuised a a virus
I just had it replaced by a trojan.the original one is easy to spot because if you highlight userinit file and go to properties it will give a description of the file and who manufactured it but the trojan one did not have any of this information,it just had dashes after the description and manufacturer.Also the original is usually about 25-26kb when it is replaced mine was 48kb
I use Wildblue security blocks userinit.exe everytime I boot with no adverse effects. I did search the file and found it in the system 32 folder. The size is 24.0 KB (24,576 bytes), from what Ive read about it, if its larger that 24K, its probably been infected. But Im not on a network and I dont lock myself out of my PC, so that my be why I dont have any problem blocking it.
This file is loading at startup and there is a red cross icon in the taskbar mentioning there is a security problem.
Usereinit.exe is part of windows but game thief r WOW have reverse engineered this file & if it makes way to your pc can be malicious. It will capture all usernames & passwords & mail it to a centralised server location where hackers can go pick up your sensitive info. Also check the modified date of this file in explorer. If it was modified after 2004 there is a high change the virus has got you. download the original file from your windows cd & restore it to your C drive to get rid of the virus. make sure you have closed all internet programs for the operation.
Userinit.exe is a virus and essential for windows. My trojan remover detected it as a virus but could not remove it. Please be careful what you download !!!
Whenever i log on the process userinit.exe starts and it gives me some warning saying your computer is not safe and takes me to download some fake spywares from the internet, my spyware is detecting it as a trojan and it is in the hkey in the registry so i am not sure what to do
On my system it was infected. I found out by right clicking on the file to see its version. It was NOT a microsoft file, so I knew it had been hijacked. I simply renamed my file, and the microsoft operating system replaced it with the correct version in a matter of minutes.
Userinit.exe is used as part of the login process but is often hijacked by several bogus anti-spyware and backdoor apps. It is run by the following setting in the registry :
It depends on its size. If its around 24kb its system file if it is larger, say around 100kb it could be malware and you should copy file from i386 and replace file in system32 folder if you have problems starting computer. You will have to rename existing file in system32 first.
Userinit.exe is an essential MicroSoft program that CAN be appended by a virus or trojan to self execute on Windows startup. Check File Size or unassemblecompare.
For hte people who say that it makes htem loose connection: Its because of the nature of hte program.. It does nothing harmful unless one of a various types of virus attaaches itself to it.. If you see hte program running longer then 5 seconds after start-up then end it immediatly and get a better anti virus.
Its use after log in. Its also risk by virus or worm when we always on line without fire wall. Until now,my PC cant be worked.
Every time I start my computer, it logs on to the internet and every time I try to cancel it just starts again. It only quits when I disable it in task manager.
It is indeed a Windows process that runs when you first log on. Mine disappearsfrom the process list a few seconds after logging on - if yours persists then Id be worried.
%SystemRoot%system32userinit.exe is part of the Windows OS and vital for startup. Some trojans will run from different directories with this process name.
Userinit.exe started up for me after running my search utility. I was unsure if it was harmful or not but after reading the above I allowed my firewall to run it and so far things seem to be fine.
Yes it is a normal Microsoft BUT it can run things you dont need. In my case it will run Script Logic which if I let that run my PCs policy will be scewed - no more control panel and other things. There is more detail of my situation but just realize userinit exe can run anything else it wants.
Its a normal process of ur OS. it stays for few secondes when u LOG IN then disappear. But if it stayed longer seeing it in ur Task Manager 100% its a virus!!!
It is an essential for windows. sometimes kaspersky antivirus recognises it as athreat and if you delete it then you will be stuck at the logon screen and you wont be able to start your session even in the safe mode. i had to format thrice and the same happened when i deleted the file
I suspect Event 1000 UserInit Error may coinside with monitor trouble
Zone Alarm picks it up after startup is complete. Denying it access at this point doesnt seem to cause any issues.
It is a windows logon app. It should terminate on its own shortly after windows has loaded. I recomend that it not be removed. Microsoft says that the file can be deleted by spywares. If you suspect this, you will have to reinstall it from a XP install CD by expanding the file that is on the CD.
On w2k machine, runs as Aserinit.exe, the A beeing alt+0197 sign. Takes 100% CPU. Can be killed in the Taskmanager. I cant find a remedy. I uppose it is a trojan which renamed the userinit. Impossible to find in the registry
Windows system file that starts when windows boot
Userinit.exe in the system32 folder is necessary to log on to your computer, however it could be replaced by a userinit.exe in a different folder. Could it be used to start the virus when you log on or boot the computer?
Yes, This file only runs as user logs in to windows, then it self terminates. Not a threat but a necessary part of the OS.
Essential to log on to Windows. I deleted registry keys with Userinit.exe and had to reinstall Windows. Dont remove or terminate it.
This file, if allowed, will allow you (when logged on) to run smoothly, if disabled the Windows GUI will freeze
Depend from where it was execute. originally is windows process and very important for stability and control your logon information
If you notice this because there are a hundred + in your task manager processes, than you more than likely have a worm.
It is a Essential part of Windows boot process. It is in no way a virus, and if you are having problems with it, it has to do with other system problems you may have (aka: corrupt files or a virus)
Malicious programs will use userinit.exe as a backdoor
I believe there are malware programs that use this file.It started to initialize about the same time I had unauthorized dialups that I had to terminate by unplugging my modems phone line.Two unauthorized programs were on my computer at that time..Metacrawl toolbar and Yazzle (which I stopped from auto- installing) I have had Trend Micro program block and blacklist userinit on startup, with no adverse effect on network signin or any other programs I use.
It is User Initialisation file responsible for user login and can be hijacked by worms such as c: ecycledsvchost.exe so as to make Widows XP to logoff itself as u try to login
It makes my cable modem loose connection every few minutes or so
This file blocks absolutley nothing. I have tracked its run from boot until it shuts itself off. It does just run what is needed to logg you on PROPERLY and then terminates itself.
This file is an essential part of your OS, however it can be exploted by various viruses and malware. Make sure your antivirus is always up to date and you should be fine.
Once you log in, it might run for a few seconds. After that, it seems to terminate itself. For Windows boot
It is an essential part of Windows OS and is safe to leave it alone unless it is hooked in the registry to run extra files which are trojans. It can hooked in the registry to run gpmiabp.exe which executes a trojan horse Win32.Qoologic. If you see in the Security Task Manager Userinit.exe,gpmiabp.exe or something added to the Userinit.exe then it is hooked through the registry to run malicious files.
This is not a dangerous file. It runs when windows is started up, then turns itself off.
Do not remove. Its part of the windows logon process, on Windows Server 2003, removal of this program will result in you not being able to log in to your computer at all. I have seen spyware vendors advertising this program as a trojan or spyware. I would seriously second guess what is being said in order to get people purchasing spyware.
It is active on startup but then terminates itself shortly after
Well, its not dangerous, but some worms replace it
USERINIT.EXE is part of Windows XP. Under normal circumstances, this program will run for a few seconds after you log in, and then it should disappear from the task manager.
Userinit.exe is just a Windows program run at login, leave it
Do not confuse userinit.exe with usrinit.exe, one is pert of the OS, the other is bad news
As I am using cable modem, this file blocks my internet connection. As soon as I stop the exe file from the task manager I can connect to net again..
Made my computer restart right after loading. I saw it when browsing in the TaskManager I noticed that name and removed it first thing the next boot (which was 5 seconds later). it didnt boot since.


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