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General Information

Process name: Common User Interface or UpdaterUI Utility
Product name: McAfee Common Framework or UpdaterUI or MATLAB Family of Products or Microsoft Office Standard or Crystal (version 11 Redistributable) or CINEMA 4D Module Advanced or Xteq Systems X-Setup or Verity LiquidOffice Process
Made by company: Network Associates, Inc
File: updaterui.exe
File size: 139,320 bytes
Common file location: C:\Program Files
Danger Rating: 34% [Harmless]

More information on updaterui.exe

This is a standard component of the McAfee Antivirus program (now owned by Network Associates, Inc.) It is part of the automatic update feature that contacts the McAfee website to look for updates to the virus definition files that tell the program what malware to look for on your PC. Most automatic update programs are not necessary for their related programs to function, but they can be useful to ensure that your protection is kept up to date.


Visitor Comments About updaterui.exe
Slow down pc like mad, reads IO all the time!!
Looks like virus definitions updater for McAfee VirusScan Enterprise, although harmless, it can load your processor quite heavily from time to time
When I am editing text, my cursor will stop in mid-sentence. I have to go to the task manager and end the UpdaterUI process in order to continue. It is a memory hog.
Updater takes memory I need for doing my job as an engineer, sometimes chokes and takes huge amounts of memory, and in general reduces computer productivity. Personally, I feel it is just anohter one of the many tools MIS departements use to reduce productivity and increase their self-importance.
It hits on IO reads at 50 sec , a pain in the ass, and major slow down McAfee component.
Part of the McAfee antivirus software, handles updates. Some versions (VirusScan Enterprise 7.1) may cause error messages about PSAPI.DLL with IE7. Solution: rename ..Network AssociatesCommon FrameworkPSAPI.dll and reboot the system.
McAfee Virus Scans client for updates. Should be harmless, unless infected.
I know its not Dangerous. Mcafee is better then Norton any day
It sometimes comes with McAfee antivirus software and looks like a legitimate component
I confirm the constant ios Really, I have enough going on. A better explanation is needed from McAfee on why this is necessary.
It appears to be part of mcafee, it stops thunderbird starting up p
Kills your processor when it turns on, has something to do with McAfee
I have no McAffee appz on my computer, but I did detect updaterUI, so there is something suspicious, isnīt it?
Another fine resource hog --- great for slowing down a PC. You dont need a virus or a worm to cause performance issues.
I scanned my computer with norton and it said that UpdaterUI.exe is a keylogger
It is McAfee Antivirus: removing could cause breach in antivirus software
What I know is this program contiuously acesses the hard drive and sucks up resources like crazy


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