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General Information

Process name: Moodlogic Updater Application or updater MFC Application or DJ7s or tbtb or Windows Help Engine application file or mute or Microsoft Printing Service or fRsONq
Product name: Moodlogic Application or updater Application or Moodlogic Updater Application or Performance Optimizer or Server or MZgEIereRHstlRgXxc or iRiver AutoDB or vAI
Made by company: Moodlogic
File: updater.exe
File size: n/a
Common file location: C:\Program Files
Danger Rating: 40% [Harmless]

More information on updater.exe

updater.exe is part of the Moodlogic music rating software. This program automatically checks for updates to your software at regular intervals. If you do not wish to have this software check for updates you may safely stop and remove it from your computer.


Visitor Comments About updater.exe
Comodo System Cleaner application also has a program named Updater.exe that is used to update this application.
My virus handler said updater.exe tried to run from C:Documents and SettingsXXXLocalApplication DataMozillaFirefoxMozilla Firefoxupdates. But there is nothing there
Norton does not recognize updater.exe suggests removal
It gave only error at restartshut down, did nothing more.. also came out of nowhere, appears to be some kind of malware
This is a virus. found by different types of antivirus programs. its not for iriver because i never used any iriver on this computer, although i did use iriver on the computer that i destoryed so yes it is a virus
We have it on a Windows 2000 Small business Server andits casuing problems with roaming profiles in AD
Seems Firefox and StorageSync use this filename
I did not install anything before this appeared, therefore it was not something I asked for. Any time software installs itself without the users knowledge or input, it is 99% spywareadwaretrojan
A file installed by iRiver mp3 software. Not necessary to have connect to the Internet but not dangerous to have on your system. may use resources when updates.
It is an auto program updater. Handles various programs. Is not required unless you desire the listed programs to be updated automatically.
Installed with sonicstage manager for sony netMD player
After downloading iriver mp3 music manager, Agobot-ot.exe started to appear, its a worm!!! i deleted it with F-secure but it reappear in again in different name called Mood Application* (Updater.exe) any idea how to remove this worms associated with iriveramerica ?
Installed after iRiver MP3 player install of Music Manager - Looking for software upgrades. I personally block it as I dont want so called updaters running and taking resources. I can check for upgrades myself.
Just that it installed after updating my iriver drivers & software
This file is installed when you have a iriver mp3 player. it only wants to access the internet and is not dangerous.


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