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General Information

Process name: ULCDRSvr
Product name: Ulead Systems ULCDRSvr or Ulead DVD MovieFactory (version 6) or OmniView Presenter Module or Microsoft Office Standard or Sonic Foundry Noise Reduction or UnInstall Envy24 Family Audio or Starry Night Enthusiast or Ulead Burning Helper
Made by company: Ulead Systems, Inc
File: ulcdrsvr.exe
File size: 49,152 bytes
Common file location: C:\Program FilesCommon Files
Danger Rating: 33% [Harmless]

More information on ulcdrsvr.exe

ulcdrsvr.exe implements the Workshop Server functionality, and is part of Uleads DVD Workshop product for burning CDs and DVDs. It should be considered an essential component of this package, so if you are using it, it is advised the process not be terminated. If you are using other writing software, then you can safely kill this process.


Visitor Comments About ulcdrsvr.exe
Ulead Burning Helper. I stopped it, cause for me is it only annoying process in TaskManager.
Believe to cause random BSOD on Win 7 64 bit. Agree that it may be related to WinFast DTV1000S. Removed ULCDRSvr.exe; seems to solve BSOD but Event Viewer shows that it wants to load; not sure which application wnats to load it.
Runs with Winfast, not sure what else that company makes but it came with my TV card
Installed by leadtek winfast pvr (cddvd burning component)
Seems to be installed with Winfast DTV software; seems to run when Winfast DTVScheduler runs
ULCDRSvr.exe is from Ulead VideoStudio 10. Run MSCONFIG Startup * disable uvPL from starting up. Also run MSCONFIG Services *tick Hide All MS Services *Untick Ulead Burner Helper.. Hope it helps
Ulead software is required to run my Compro digital TV card. I think just the codec is used but other things may be installed and this may be one of them.
Ulead media burning software. Non essential to system operations.
Is the single file in this folder C:Program FilesCommon FilesUlead SystemsDVD
Virus which spreads through default admin shares
ULCDRSvr.exe is a process belonging to Uleads DVD workshop
ULCDRSvr.exe is a process belonging to Uleads DVD workshop, a product which allows the writing to DVD and CD media. This program is non-essential process to the running of the system, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems.


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