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General Information

Process name: Application
Product name: Microsoft
Made by company: Microsoft
File: rundll32 cmicnfg.cpl,cmictrlwnd
File size: n/a
Common file location: C:\Program Files
Danger Rating: 81% [Harmful]

More information on rundll32 cmicnfg.cpl,cmictrlwnd

Based on the information above we believe the process to be harmful or vulnerable to infection. You should clean your system immediately.


Visitor Comments About rundll32 cmicnfg.cpl,cmictrlwnd
Rundll is windows programme running application file
Should have two rundl32 processes running both are ok and part off windows normality operations
When you uninstall the AVG Antivirus program rundll32.exe continues to want to load the program. A rundll32 error says The instruction at 0x010017f1 referenced memory at 0x1000003c. The memory could not be read. All I have tried to this point has not been able to correct this problem.
The virus using the name Rundll32 is a some kind of Trojan or Spyware malicious software whos merging with the original Rundll32 system file,which came in a form of Windows Defender but with the name System Defender,its similair to original Windows Defender but its just a virus or a spyware,it cames as a Trial version and it frequently notice you that you have lots of viruses and spywares but its just a fake information,its because the publisher of this virus wants from you to purchase it on the web and take the money from you,i had this problem,but when i closed him in a task manager
Let me separate the facts from the fiction. rundll32.exe is a program that is used to load other dlls when a program requests them. Control panel, for instance, utilises this program to run its applets. Unless you want complete havoc on your computer, dont delete this file.
Have Had This Virus But AVG Cleaned It, VERY Dangerous As It Is Packed With Many Things. Remote Control, Keylogging, Ads, Sends Off Your Files To Hacker And Blocks Off Certain Programs.
My windows vista laptop notified me that Rundll32 wasnt working properly. My control panel and everything else is fine, but my computer cannot connect to the internet and is running insanley slow.
If your rundll is being deleted you cant open programs with ddl files
Very Very importand to windows but can be manipulated to do virus damaging things
Vmware workstation 7 use this exe and upon closing vmware workstation this exe also disappears from task manager.
It took my pc performance 50% and explorer.exe was taking
Rundll32 is a shared library used by many legitimate programs and can also be abused by malicious programs. as it is an integral part of windows, it cannot be removed; abuse by rundll32 is caused by another program using it, or instability from elsewhere.
Well. Im on my bros laptop. It wont let me open the internet. or anything:
Rundll32.exe is a legit Windows program. The trouble is, is that viruses like to masquerade as the program and cause all sorts of operating problems: everything from causing errors on start-up and close-down to overheating the system. Put the system into Safe Mode on start-up (F8) and see about tracking down and getting rid of the ersatz rundlls via System Configuration. Safe mode with networking and proper installation of Malwarebytes and Anti-Malware seems to work for some people. If youre not computer-literate and dont feel competent messing with the problem, find someone who is!
Not a pro but.. I have Windows Xp and I went to msconfig and just X off both that were there, did that over a year ago and at least it does not load and I have not had any problem with it.I know it came with my computer and both the RUNDLL32.exe and rundll.exe were there when new.I did not lead them to laod at startup and this made my computer to run much faster.Hope this helps anyone out there.
Yeah its needed in the Whole computer thing but currently it was hijacked br some msr2cen2.dll which is a new backdoor malware I want to remove!!!!!!!!! Anyone out there who could remove this new malware, tried searching google, but no results..
This program could very well be a virus waiting to destroy your computer, or just a normal .exe file that lets youre computer run..Dont download anything thats too big to remove it, ive tryed everything and nothing worked
RunDLL is used to execute thousands of stored functions in the windows dll files. The dll files are archives of code and api calls
Showing 2 of it on taskmanager processes tab and it says it was launched by me (administrator) but i do not really i was automaticaly running at startup when i reformat my PC it gone
It keeps opening and closing about twice every second and my cursor keeps going from normal cursor to busy cursor. It is weird.
When i start my computer, it says Windows Defender need to install new update
It is used as a windows file for DLL files.. and also a virus(sry bout previous comment). if u go into processes from the task manager youll see 2 rundll32(if it is a virus), one will have a discription and one will have a blank discription.. the blank one is probably the virus.. the virus uses to programs, one is called irubab*32(the discription will have a bunch of random #s and letters).. the second one the name escapes me but it also has a *32.
If it is rundll.exe in windows system folder, do not delete. I have zone alarm pro that alerts me rundll.exe is trying to open windowsexplorer or explorers processes. Task manager shows rundll32.exe as running. I clicked deny in zone alarm and rundll32.exe disappears from Task Manager. My computer running fine. ALSO, after zone alarm deny rundll.exe from accesing windowsexplorer, I can open Users Acounts in Control panel. Been unable to open Users Account for months, even after trying various other solutions.
As said, this is a legit windows process. I do not know however whether it can be a virus or not. Had to instances running with a download speed of 100 kb. When the least memory consuming process was terminated, my download speed soared to 6-8 mb(!) ps.
If I watch it for a while in the task manager it doesnt do anything strange. It takes 0% CPU all the time.
In the article above it is stated rundll32 should be found only in C:WindowsSystem32. This is not entirely true. The file is also present in C:WINDOWSServicePackFilesi386 with systems running Xp Pro sp3. This may well be true for other OS also.
I dont know why people would actually suggest removing or stopping rundll32.exe! Its one of the vital executions needed for Windows, without it, certain programs wont open and your system will be screwed. Its not dangerous at all.
If you have spotted rundll32.exe (or any variant of this) on windows task manager, you must scan it with a spyware and antivirus and remove it quickly. The real rundll.exe will not show up on taskmanager.
Its a component of windows , which is required for the windows to boot however if any specific dll got corrupted it would prompt on the comp which can be executed by going into task manager - applications - right click on the dll - end process tree
Its part of windows do not touch it if your antivirus finds something in it your good for a formatreinstall
Its a program that helps dll files run ,the reason when you enddelete this your conmputer starts working fine is because youve indirectly ended the virus whatever you do do not delete this file go and get some antivirus
It slowly corrupts your computer until your computer is dead, replace it with a real rundll32.exe file that is about 68 kbs now!
This is not a Virus or Malware, but they do hide behind this process. They use names such as RUNDIL.exe, and when its written in lowercase (and the i in uppercase) itll look like its the same as rundll.exe.
This file acts like a game emulator. This runs a DLL extension as an executable. Removing is not recommended.
Rundll = NvCplDaemon is the part of the nVidia unified video driver which provides functions for user configuration of the driver. During a normal startup, the nVidia Display Driver Service checks for the registry key HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun for the NvCplDaemon string, and replaces it if not found. On some systems the nVidia Display Driver Service may need to be running for customized driver settings to be applied without further user action, thus the NvCplDaemon entry will also be present in such a case. goto daemon driver services to manually config it.
It is a dll file that infects system32 of windows. sometimes it hids under the name bijlukk.dll. it prevents from opening the browser(mozilla or ie) and worst, it freezes the screen and shuts down the browser.
Rundll32.exe is not a needed file rename it to something else and if it is spelled in caps: RUNDLL32.EXE its a virus..
Its used to run dll libraries but in some cases viruseswormstrojans can hide behind this file..An easy way to tell if its infected is to open it in notepad, if it has anything wierd or obscure like someone tried to make a graphic with the lettering, then its infected, i know, ive got it UGH!
The rundll32.exe on my pc uses all my ram. Its internet control panel thats doing it. It starts when I exit internet explorer. Then I cant shut my pc down. What do I do to stop it happening. Do I uninstall internet explorer. HELP!!!
I have 2 loadpowerprofiles in my startup. I found if I checked both the computer had numerous rundll errors. If I left the 2nd one listed unchecked my computer didnt have the rundll errors. ;) hope that helps someone.
Rundll32 is an important part of your computer, so be careful not to delete the good rundll32. however, if there is more than one rundll32 on your computer, then delete all of them but one. I had an msn hacker and he completely ruined my computer, and tonight, i just found out that hes back again. I cant seem to get away from him, if u have any advice it would be appreciated. My advice is to just delete rundll32.exe, but keep the GOOD rundll32
2 rundll32 files appear in my task manager process tab and it freezes my system as it uses most of the ram
The rundll32.exe process is responsible for running DLLs and placing its libraries in the memory. The rundll32.exe process is known as a command line utility program, and it performs its embedded functions along with the rundll.exe file. Rundll32.exe works by invoking a function that is exported from a specific 16-bit or 32-bit DLL module. However the only DLLs that you can call with the rundll.exe and rundll32.exe files are the ones that are only specified to be accessed by these processes.
I think its not dangerous.. my yahoo music launch doesnt show when i disabled it. so its part of the system..
Multiple process runs in the taskmanger with this name & eats the memory & make the system slow, sometimes running applications is very difficult. Also, not able to find even one tool which solves this problem
This program is why im going to have to throw away my computer. I cant run a virus program to scan the viruses in it because every time i open my virus program this rundll closes it
Its a needed System file! Dont think its a virus , it COULD BE INFECTED! I have a problem with it and cant even start tools frpm the controll panel!
Slows down comp and has trojans, ppl in this chat who say its ok are prob keyloggers
Just run ad-aware pro se 1.0.6 final in safe mode!
Harmless but slows down the computer very effectivel;y
When closing in Task Manager, rundll32 shuts down ALL protection on your cp and other applications
I closed it in the task manager and my right mouse started to work again.
This is either a bad file, or a normal file. Run a scan to see. During my infection period i had two running, one bad and other normal. So DO NOT DELETE THIS ON IMMEDIATLY!
This file is created in system is mor exe and our system is very slow
Too get it back open task manager, click file new task, type: rundll32.exe
Could someone help me i think this rundll32 has stopped my laptop screen from working i can view the desktop through the tv but this is not verry good. can anyone helpm please
It starts apps listed in its INI file, you have better to worry about that file entries to prevent unwanted addware to start with windows!
Not normally dangerous, a legit, essential, MS file that can unfortanately be exploited to run trojans and viruses as well. If you see it in the task manager, youve got problems.
I closed it down, but my process is still up to 100%. I dont know what is wrong.
Appears to get hijacked by viruses alot which use it to run dll files containing then virus application
I had this file on Windows xp media edition, and it made pop ups, shut down my firewall ect ect ect.. so naturally i deleted it and ive had NO trouble with ANYTHING not even nvidia system things ect, and msn runs fine and so does my control panel, so Im guessing if its on xp ITS A VIRUS..
Its an intigrated part of all windows systems, it comes with them and is TECHNICALLY harmless, though it can become infected by many a trojan or worm if your not careful, so if your not having trouble with your computer, its fine, if you do start having problems, then it could full well be that a worm has infected it. In other words, it in and of its self is fine, however if it is infected then it can be a problem, however the problem is not rundll32 itself its the virus behind it.
Need help rundll32.exe file has been removed and dont know how to get to back
I am wondering if anyone has heard anything about UNIBLUE Registry Booster to help repair the problems. I search rundll32 and this booster is who I get.. does it work? Should I do it? It is worth the $$? Norton is not helping!!! I am clueless and my laptop is rather new! HELP!!! I cannot seem to do much for long periods of time before it just decides to shut down and I also get taken over by popups (firewall & popup stopper not working)
That file may keep some programs from runnimg, but its essential for Windows to run. The reason for the blocking is not a virus, but because the program (.exe) is corrupt, or the program has an error in the code.
It is a harmless file. Its one of the necessary background tasks used in Windows of all versions. In short, its SAFE. If your computer hangs from this process, then you need more RAM. Smart..
Just installed new anti virus, and now keep getting pop-up saying there is a problem with run dll32. What cas I do
Everytime i startup, rundll32.exe pops up and the hardware wizard appears. its really annoying, and somtimes when i plug in my flash drive, the wizard also pops up. i have no idea why this is happening.
Its as dangerous as the internet explorer. The program itself causes no harm. It is part of Windows and necessarz for manz functions. But it can be misused. If you get a virus through IE, dont blame IE for it and if a Flash animation locks up your computer, its not IEs fault, but it is the IE proccess which seems to cause the problem. Same for RunDLL. It is a launcher for program code (good or bad, necessary or unwanted) inside of DLLs. Such as the control panel applets. Or the NVidia control. Or a Virus, or a hanging code. So try to find out what has been launched through RunDLL.
It is the most common file to be infected as a virus! the way to check is ALT CTRL DEL and look in procceses as clint said and if it running as system then you are ok.. but if it is running as you..... youve got a virus
Nothing seems to happen after i killed it using task manager
Task manager shows rundll eat too much CPU as well as MsMpEng
Part of windows. Runs drivers as applications. It is not a virusworm, as many of the people who have poor knowlege of Windows who posted here would have you believe..
Its needed to run some softwares in a computer
Alright i have two of these in my task manager. When I pull up their process information using WMIC it says that the one of them is doing something with the nvidia tray thing but the other one says this: cmcnfgu.cpl,CMICtrlWnd The only difference between the files is that the one using nvidia ends in .EXE and the other one in .exe but in the task manager they are the same which one should i delete?
Potential Dangerous Information - RUNDLL32.exe is a microsoft program used to launch DLLs as a process. SPYWARE and other related software use this in combination with services to infect your machine and to keep there software running. You need to dig into the HKEYLOCALMACHINE registry and figure out what is launching it. It can be tied to WINLOGON, USERINIT and others during startup. RUNDLL32.EXE is not the source, it is just a generic MS launcher. You need to find the caller source.
I think many of you people need to go back to school and take a computer course. There are so many of you who throw nonsense into websites without getting schooled before you open your yaps. The file, as listed, is fine and wont harm your system at all.. AS LISTED
It was stopping explorer.exe and control panel from opening; overall a huge pain in da ass. search for the file using windows search and dealte what is allowed what isnt allowed you cant delete anyways. I had to end the process many of time right click on the process and also end the tree try it it will work.
This is a necessary part of Windows. Yes, it is used to launch several malware files, but it bears repeating that it in itself *isnt dangerous*. All you people blaming this process on your problems should do a little searching and youll find that it isnt this process thats causing the problems, unless you happened to be boneheaded enough to delete it. Your problem is something else you did to the machine. ALWAYS back up any file you delete, especially those in folders you shouldnt be in in the first place. LEAVE THIS PROCESS ALONE if youre not having any problems.
When i run error doctor whe i open my pc it is always an error on start up file and even if i remove it s always there everytime i open my computer. is this a virus how can i totally remove it
Try searching your computer, click search in start-up then type rundll32.exe from there you will know wether it is a virusspyware or harmless file.
This file C:WINDOWSSystem32Rundll32.exe is 100% legitmet, it has come with windows since windows 95. If your rundll32.exe is eating 100% cpu time, then it is either infected or running viral code. What does it do? Rundll32.exe uses the api call LoadLibrary in kernel32.dll to load the library it gets given in the command line, which then in turn calls the secondary entrypoint of that dll file. Which should be dllmain. That is exactly what it does, all it does, all it has ever done. It is not a virus.
Slows my computer (webpages, internet connection, etc) But so far it hasnt been doing anything else besides slowing things down.. I always have a message that says Rundll32 is not working properly and then it gives me the option to close program.
every time I open internet explorer i get a message from internet security asking if i should allow web host proccess (rundll32) to run or close it, how do i get rid of this message? I have vista.
This is just because some improper programme is running on ur computer that the comp cant understand.
Well ALL I know is that its a pain along with other so called harmless Windows files that just sit around and take up resorces that could be used with the other programs that really need it .if anyone here has any REAL info on how to kill it once it has done its job .it would be good to place that here.
If it pops up each time you open the internet then go to internet options, then advanced tab and uncheck enable 3rd party browser extenstions and then close all internet applications and open up the internet again and its gone.
Cause its my first experience with this file, i chose to be neutral though. I got this problem right now that if i right click My Computer or Desktop, Add and Remove programs icons and choose Properties i got a DOS window in form of a pop up as if rundll.exe is executed the it disappears but i dont get the my result of choosing properties; so basically i dont why it have to happen like this. Im sort conviced it can be a virus for this case or i should update my antivirus software and scan for virus before doing window repair
Its apart of Windows XP, and other Windows Versions. Nothing to be afraid of here, needed to run the PC in good shape.
This is a vital program belonging to the platform.
Been having many virus detections in windows 32. many i delele, some i cant do a thing with. avast catches many of them, as well does spyware detector. but lately ive been having rundll32 errors when i log into windows and running from the icon. thats the only app i noticed probs with so far. i did a search for it and found rundll32exe originally in the windows 32 folder as it should be and didnt touch it after reading most of these comments. there were many pf files though in the preface folder which i deleted and a few otherrundll32exe applications in other folders, including windows
On my system, three run under my username in the task manager. Two are files that I know I can trust, but I dont know about the third one..The security task manager cant pick it up so I rate it as a little dangerous..sometimes.
Rundll32.exe like in the name runs dll files and is not a virus!
I cannot open control panel or any other programmes without disturbance
John was right about shutting down my nvidia toolbar icon. That made it go away on my running processes thx
I downloaded a .bmp file and my computer froze. When I tried to close the .bmp file it said something that rundll32 had froze. So I thought it was a virus i had downloaded with that name. I searched on the file and it came out clean with my AVG but I deleted it anyways. Now im thintkn it might harm my comp since its MS shit. What should I do? :S or was it perhaps a virus? anyways I dont have it now the rundll32.exe file. any help please.
I had a problem like this rundll32.exe too. it will only appear when i tried to open or run any GAMES in my PC.
When opening Vegas 6.0 on vista, it [RunDLL32] stops working. I can still open control panel[after opening vegasstopping RunDLL32, and my computer works fine.
There is two rundll.exe one from new dot a virus i think. So go to run, msconfig go to startup and find newdot and disable it.
This file opens DLL apps.. But dangerous to delete.. That is NOT a spyware or a virus.
Its not necessarily dangerous, unless tampered with. Its part of WINDOWS so without it dll based programs wont work. If you delete it youll see that your control panel tools wont work and many others. Just like Nate i too have the same problem, my rundll32.exe is 32.5 kb insted of 31 kb..i don know how to solve it my programs are all going haywire, not responding and microsoft office was completely corrupted
I searched for runedll32 and it came up with runedll32.exe and also rundll32.exe(numbersletters).pf, can somone tell me what it is for?
Rundll loaded since i intalled the nvidia driver for video card without it the control panel for display will not be there for u to fine tune your card. I have noticed the trojanviruss use the same name for malicious exe files though scan your stuff regularly
This application merely runs DLLs, problems with your computer that may seem to be caused buy this program are actually caused by a dll file, Start Run Msconfig, and check all the programs that use rundll, google each one and find out if its safe or not
Its necessary and dangerous, exactly as anything else in Windows. If you have troubles, try to 1) Kill the process 2) replace the file 3) reinstall windows 4) Try linux
Okay, every time i try to open my control panel a screen pops up that says Windows cannot find C:WINDOWSsystem32 undll32.exe. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. To search for the file, click the Start Button, and then click Search. I am confused and dont know what to do.
Its a very imp. file for all os. it is used to execute some programs and open the control panel
You can use a program that automatically kills (or blacklists) a specified startup item (Not Tested and so might also block the real rundll32.exe). On very rare occasions startup items can be deleted from msconfig and regedit (if you dont have any experience it is better to use a Startup Manager) You might set the priority as low, although this would not really solve the problem at all. You can use a combination of methods I have written. There are various other techniques that can be used. This file should not be deleted but taken care of, if you suspect it.
When it deleted i cant use properties when right click on desktop, cant show my computer properties.
I found hidden rundll32.exe from dllcache folder, is it normal or should I delete it?
According to msconfig, rundll32.exe command says to run the Bluetooth Authentication Agent. so if you dont use bluetooth, id say just go to services.msc and disable your bluetooth.
Read loads of different write ups on it, and more often than not people seem to say its not dangerous. it just looks very similer to virus terminology
Rundll32.exe is a process which executes DLLs and places their libraries into the memory, so they can be used more efficiently by applications. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated.
Rundll32 freezes all the time and is only sometimes useful
It just stops Explorer.exe so u cant do anything and when u get rid of it windows runs normally but it comes back after a while
It disables the start menue and taskbar. But I was able to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to get to the Run Function of Windows, so then I could run Norton to get rid of it.
Its from Microsoft and it is part of the core operating system, but you cannot bet it is running for safe and secure reasons at all! It would be better if Microsoft adopted a better way of doing things.. but experience does not confirm we can think of it positively.. Better switching to Linux as soon as our apps can run on it. Ubuntu is a really damn good start to avoid this rundll.exe issues for ever!
Fix per, Tech-Support (US Computer Mfr)-Your going to roll back the date on your C; Drive. Go to: Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Restore. Follow the instructions, choose a date before your problems began. It will restart your computer after restoring to specified date. I could immediately access my control panel and download updates. It did not effect any up to date programs or work that I had done. I backed up all files I needed just in case. A Roll back can be done whenever you run into these type of operating problems. Always be careful when deleting any files.
Every time i restart my comp, my antivirus stop function. But when i open the task manager and end the rundll32.exe process, antivirus function again.
It can be dangerous, but if you have control panel up when the process shows up on task manager, it is just control panel. If it is showing up when you dont have control panel up, end the process
It cannot be a virus. Why? Because i have just bought my new vista today around an hour ago, i have checked processes and it has been there, i havent been on the internet, i have full anti-virus software and therefore it is impossible for me to get any viruses, in other words. rundll32 is not a virus.
Is there a fix for the rundll.exe It often hangs up and will not let me run some game and music cds, on my dell dimensions, 4600. Zone Alarm is my firewall.
This is the file used to run dll files, and it supposed to be on your system. Like many other people have said, it is only dangerous when trojans or worms are created with the same name.. This why you should pay attention to where you found the rundll32.exe
Ok guys, this whole thing has to be put to an end. rundll32.exe is NOT a virus. it is simply an application which executes .dll files. However, if this process were to be terminated or hijacked by a virus, the result would be internet windows and other programs that open at random. These also open when your computer boots up. It also results in the inability to acess certain programs like the control panel. So unless you get a popup error saying rundll.exe as an app has encountered a problem, dont worry. If this happens, seek help.
Mine is legit, it;s been there since my computer was built and its been reformated many times and it still has the same date.
On my system the file is located at $WINROOTsysWOW46 undll32.exe with the ctfmon.exe. I am running a WIN XP Pro x64. Does anybody know, if it is correct in this folder or is it dangerous then?
If Im in a game and sometimes exit to desktop every now and again my CPU then gets used up by rundll32.exe and i end the process and it goes back to normal
Caused everything to be very slow, when ended everything was ok
Its true, the NVidia System tray runs this program too. When i exit the tray, the program stops
Was infected with Virus Burster--after ending rundll32.exe, problems ended. Control paneldisplay settings still work fine.
I had a virus on my computer that used rundll32.exe to interfere with stuff. I could tell it was the problem because there was more than one rundll32 processes open on Windows Task Manager, and when i tried to end the process it would reappear on its own.
If i ALT CTRL and DEL and lookin Processes..the RunDLL32 is under Owner instead of System..i have found no use for it so i just end task and it does nothing but im running Windows XP so i dont know if that has no thing to do with it
I got virus and when i remove it, i delete the rundll32 as well. Then i cant open most of exe program : . I dunno if thats the problem, but when i download the rundll again my program can be open normally T_Ta
I have this two rundll32.exe running on the task manager , i found the fake one but i cant delete it .dam i hate them
It runs the menus and the windows that dont show on taskbar (like the visual propertys window that lets you change your background and screen saver) it is a vital part of windows if you have a grudge agenst someone you delete this file and his computer will become hard too use and they will have to reinstall windows DO NOT DELETE THIS FILE!
I think this seems very suspicious. I always terminate the file when I see it in the Task Manager.
This file is not dangerous, but it can be infected by viruses, use a virus scanner to detect if there are viruses in the file. It is needed to run dll files, thus needed for just about any program.
This file is NOT dangerous in any means. You simply have a virus that is using the file. Get rid of the virus, get rid of the problem.
I cannot restart my system. The process rundll32.exe do not end. i think this is a virus
Cant delete it, it is Microsoft run a dll as an app, if you delete it, Control panel, right click my computer, etc..can not open it in any profiles..
The rundll32.exe is not a dangerous file. this is a system file used to exit from windows. this file is also call in .bat file if need to user to shut down the system.
I right clicked on file and chose run as I then selected a user (me admin is what I chose). I then was able to open files on CONTROL PANEL!.
Rundll32.exe is perfectly safe if it is the Microsoft (real) version. I suggest you leave it be, deleting it may be problematic.
My CPU wont find it in windowssystem32, but i can go in and see it. Now I cant open all but 2 programs, not even system
I had control panel open and when i closed it through task manager it closed control panel i really doubt this can anywhere near bad
I use pcview its just like the task manager u use. i find 2files running on memory a rundll32.exe and a RUNDLL32.EXE Im always killing the one in caps lock but no antivirus can find it and delete it .. in c:windowssystem32 there is only 1 rundll32.exe the one with no caps open, mcafee and norton cant found anything wrong but i know there is something with the RUNDLL32.EXE
Rundll32.exe is a required OS component, and should not be deleted. Even though viruses and other malware can use it to run malicous code, it is required to run dll(s) from the OS & 3rd party apps If you did delete it, go to the windows setup CD, open cmd, type expand X:I386RUNDLL32.EX_ (X: would be your cd drive). That should overide the previous rundll32, or add it again (Restart after you do this). Use Spybots process list tool and you can determine where the processes are on your computer. Also: rundll32.exe only runs when a program invokes a DLL. It dont run all the time.
Found it in my musicmatch, system32 and windows servicepack files....weird. I think its legal, but theres those bugs that always use this name. i recommend that u use zonealarm and restrict this process from working, because it aint a vital thang to run windows.
I believe my MSCONFIG is messed up by Rundll32 because it also has a file called Installer that is loading up with it at start, i can play any games because of it
Rundll32.exe is ok. runDLL32 or rundLL32 or Rundll.exe are dangerous.
I delete my rundll32.exe and now nothing i working, someone know how I can get the program again?
I installed an NVIDIA Geforce 7600 GS. I recently found that if you are running the new Control Panel it will put a rundll32.exe in your Task Manager. If select exit from the tray Icon for the NVIDIA Control Panel, the RUNDLL32.exe will go away. This is legit. I thought it was a virusspywaretrojan but my spyware and antivirus programs did not detect anything. Thanks to Johns input here, I was able to test it to make sure it was a legit RUNDLL32 action.
Not actually dangerous, but for those of us using win 98 and 2000 its so annoying. rundll32.exe causes an error loading various programs (ie, messenger, and some media applications) . for now ctrlaltdel and end its task until you fix the problem at its source (get a new firewall while your at it)
The file is used to run dll files. The dll will be ran either if it is harmfull or not. The fact that it is hidden behind rundll32.exe makes it difficult to detect by scanners. Find out which harmfull dll is using rundll32 and delete that one. Also check if there are more files that look like rundll32 by using the search function, as the only valid one is the one situated in c:windowssystem32. Grtz
It stop my computer from working properly.. ! can someone help me about this.. after i had this file, my anti-virus stops working and other programs. i cant even play the Sims :( i tried to put the restore cd but its not working. i also tried to reinstall the antivirus but it cant. i really need your help..
When i try to kill this process in task manager my computer restart.
You can find out which dlls are runnig behind rundll32 with dllshow2000
If running it allows full screen pop-ups. When closed, no more pop-ups. Experienced this on numerous occasions.
Rundll32 is a original part of windows it comes with the disk it should be in your system 32 folder if its found elswhere it is lickely a virus. if u only have the original one in system 32 and are getting errors related to it a separate virus may have damaged it.if u only have the real file and there is no problem leave it or u will lose your control panel or any programmes that are using the file to run.
My rundll32.exe file is 32.5kb 36kb on disk? I think its somehow infected . what should I do?
Rundll32.exe is a legitimate process used by Windows operating systems to run the Control Panel, and several dialogue boxes (such as the Display Properties dialogue box). Terminating this process results in the inability to access certain Windows functions and settings. Do NOT delete this file doing so will result in disabling certain functions of Windows until the file is restored.
Found the rundll32 file and a rundll file, both of which were on as applications, in c:windows, but not in either c:windowssystem or c:windowssystem32. Would this make either of those i found trojans?
This is a Microsoft file. Make sure you have a backup copy. People will often try to use this to make it look like Microsoft Windows is doing something. Find out what Dynamic-Link Library is being opened.
This file is needed to open Control Panel, Desktop Properties menu, and DLLs for Windows, when deleted many programs will not work anymore.
It stops my internet from workin and once i end process tree my net comes back..
Rundll32.exe is like an adaptor. Normal dll files cannot run on their own, so this temporarily converts it to an exe in the system memory while it runs. The control panel is a dll, and so is the internet options thing. Thats why it doesnt show up in the taskbar. The dll it is adapting is the evilgood thing.
After stuggling with this for many, many months, I think I found a makeshift solution. When you find it running in your Windows Task Manager, right-click on the process and scroll over Set Priority. Downgrade the priority to low. I have used this several times. Sometimes is still runs, but allows everything to run at normal speed. Other times, it goes away outright. This doesnt answer the question, WHY ARE YOU SCREWING UP MY PROCESSING SPEED, but does allow you to work normally.
Can be used for dll injection attacks, otherwise used by windows for converting dll run programs into actual viewable apps.
Rundll32.exe is neither normal nor a dangerous one, but need attention as early as possible. Otherwise It will become dangerous
Search for trend housecall on google, run a virus scan there. dont remove the valid rundll32 its part of the operating system, what is using rundll32 is what is causing the problem. . mispelled or improperly located rundll32s are probably malicious programs. but use a virus checking program to find and fix.
I have the trojan or worm in my computer, I have nVidia and there are 2 rundll32.exe process running the virus has got 4MB memory usage but I think Im safe because I have Zone Alarm but dont know how to delete the virus
This causes to reboot ur system without warning, just delete it
I disabled this programme from windows, run, msconfig. Now my computer wont startup. I cannot even turn it on. I cant get to a point where I can change the settings back. My computer is thus rendered useless until I get another copy of windows. Does anyone have any advice, It cannot get past Bios - can I do anything from there? I dont have my origional copy of windows on cd anymore. I know this is the only thing wrong with the startup, Id like at least to get my documents off the hard drive. Advice anyone? Would be much appreciated.
On my XP mediacenter it is used by the NVidia taskbar. Closing this taskbar = closing rundl.
This file has two version, on is harmless, signed by Microsoft Corp. however the other is a dangerous virus. it seems to be a FT file..
It IS windows but it can also be modified- sometimes my computer gets slow and I find it running ( go to taskManager) - usually I simply stop it from running and the computer gets back to normal speed , in my case broadband - I also do a clena up at the same time, just to make sure nothing bad came in
Doesnt efect MemUsage, gives more protection when visiting sites
When i shut down my computer, an error message appears. I think Norton has something to do with it!
You cant run it by double clicking on it in Windows Explorer.
Guess what go in task manager and stop running rundll32.exe then delete it from system 32 it works
I faced Rundl32 and eliminated it Rundll32 is a question?
Oh MY GOSH you guys need to check out the ProcessExplorer app that one guy posted. This will answer all your process questions forever, whoever wrote it needs to get paid for it..
Mainly an annoyance i have two Rundll32.exe in my windows tast manager i have done multiple full system scans with software like Trend micro and found nothing Yet it does take up its share in unused prosses though its only taking up a total of 10K mem usage. my cpu with 32 Processes is 0% even when im online (it kicks up to 4% when i move my mouse
There are 2 rundll files, one is rundll, and the other is rundll32. they are there so windows can run dll files as applications. the file may have been corrupted or replaced some sort of malware, or its running a malware dll file. if thats the case, id recommend updating your antivirus program and running it, if that doesnt fix the problem, search for a way to correct the specific problem youre having online. but dont delete the program, your os needs it.
Do not delete this file, it is required by windows. if you boot in safe mode and delete it, windows will automatically restore it from your cache.
It stops certain programs from working and ever time I click on a program it brings me to the open with screen and then Im stuck
Rundll32.exe in and of itself is essential to your Windows opertating environment. DO NOT DELETE RUNDLL32.EXE. Some people here are providing really bad advice..
It seems to be good thing for running zombies as DLL :)
This is avery kileer file for the pc. i cant open my control panel. and she opens for me a window that saies not avilabiel
Micosoft use it to stop your firewall on internet explorer if they find out your xp program is a cope so beware they did it to me so now i have to use firefox because i have no firewall coz of micosoft
The presence of multiple copies can mean the difference between amateur and professional infections, deliberate tampering, even in jest, may result in dramatic change in performance. instances of hardware heating have been related.
When i quit it with task manager my pc runs smoother and faster.
Well i am suffering the same problm with this file I cant change date and time and cant delete or add new programms cause the system is continously giving eror that rundll32.exe not found even its there donno what to do ...
Rundll32 was deleted an i cant open anything in the control panel how do i get it back
It is in partnership with se.dll when operating off of trojan.start page rendering IE useless. My yahoo messenger does not work right sometimes. I am still in the process of repairing the damage it has done.
This is from Microsoft used to run DLL(Wc code is EXE) as an EXE It will not harm anyone if and if some1 planted a dangerous program and LAUNCHED USING it. Its like RUNDLL32 is the CLOAK for the dangerous program. Its not harmful its just that people are so dumb dont know things.
I have the Rundll32.exe blocking up all unused processing power, so my PC would run at a constant 100% capacity, which, needless to say, made it very slow. I too tried deleting the file. While that didnt cause any problems, it didnt solve any either. None of the anti virus and anti trojan programs Im running can find the problem..
While rundll32.exe is a windows program, its also a front for dangerous material. Ive found that it sometimes rests in C:WINDOWSPrefetch , and if you delete the imposter file it may help your problem a bit.
Install a firewall. If the process rundll.exe is cought trying to access the internet delete the dll file or do a system restore. You do not have a restore point for your system, simply get your install CD and search for the file.
Hit Ctrl+Alt+Del - Click Processes - find culprit Rundell32.exe
On my Windows XP CD ther is a file called rundll32.ex_ bot not a rundll32.exe. When i remove rundll32.exe from my system32 folder nothing is different because there is still a rundll32.ex_. When i remove rundll32.ex_ from system 32 folder then i cant open settings for windows and 3d card.
RUNDLL32 is the process used when deleting files from your internet explorer options. If you delete it you will no longer be able to access Internet Options from the Control Panel or from your IE windows.
It just pops up on my desk top when i star up windows i just click on ok and my computer starts working fine
rundll32 is a file used my windows to load processes onto the windows explorer
I dont think that it is harm for a computer .it also helps in working a computer properly by giving a supports to a various program
Hazardous if combined with certain programs. May cause errors.
Rundll32.exe seems to be used by my nvidia panel in the taskbar.
For some reason, all of my problems went away as soon as I deleted this
Legitimate is necessary to use windows, spoofed file is related to spyware, look at the filepath.
If it is in the Windows root folder it is a worm, if it is in the system folder it is typically OK
This file comes with windows, but it can sometimes get infected. If you have a virus scan that says its an adware or virus let it delete it because chances are its not the clean file.
Rundll32 allows other processes to run. YOU NEED THIS FILE. What you are seeing are malicious processes that run under it. The smart thing to do is run an anti-virusanti-spyware program, and dont delete random files.
I had it in my system, and showed up as a warning that it was a potential danger and to remove it (mcaffee), so I did, But kept getting a pop up by rundll32 every time I started my computer. Had 4 days of tech support and finally was told it was a virus and had to have my comp. completely cleaned and reinstall Dell.
This is a system tool that loads dll files into memory so that they can be accessed by other programs. If you have problems with rundll32.exe, the problem is not the process itself. More likely, you have infected or malicious DLL files in your System32 folder. rundll32.exe IS NOT DANGEROUS and SHOULD NOT BE TERMINATED OR REMOVED.
JUNE. simply put your Windows cd in to your cd rom and restart your computer, Make certain that your CD rom is being the first device read as per start up options in your BIOS. If you are unsure on how to change or check this, please ask a friend that is familar with boot up options. Anyway, having your windows cd in as your system reboots you will be promted to reinstall windows. Doing this will install windows with all drivers and your missing file.
To solve the issue I ran a search using the full name, rundll32.exe. I had 2 applications and 4 PF FILES. I renamed the PF FILes by putting a z infront of them (so i could re find them easily if I wanted to reverse the process). MSN warned me that I was messing with a necessary Windows application. After I renamed the PFF FILES, they no longer were recognized and my problem ceased. My problem had been a lengthy soft shut down. Hope this helps you guys.
Not knowing anything about the rundll32 nightmare except i cant access control caues pc to slow down,my homepage has a mind of its own,some software acts up like a kid in church and i recieve error mess. cannot find rundll32exe. this is what led me to this site,to find out rundll also causes confusion among those outside the pc.Is there an answere as to FIXING THIS DEMON? I cannot find rundll anywhere . do i need to install it? How?Where? also just to vent windows me SUCKS as bad as this GATEWAY computer HEIP
I got worried when I found two cases of this in my task manager. One will use the library when you start addremove sw in control panel, the other turned out to be specifically Nvidia - if you right click the desktopNview Properties and disable Nview the rundll32 will disappear from task manager. I dont know of an easy way to check which program is using the library, I uninstalled my software to the basics and then started playing. If you can workout what uses the library and Adaware, Nortons or Spybot dont find any problems you should be okay.
Good program you can run dll as a program too!
Most of you are idiots and your comments are useless
Rundll32 is a file used my windows to load processes onto the windows explorer
Part of windows, safe, do not remove it. As usual beware of apps with similar names
It HELPS your PC Run Good. If you Only have the one RunDLL32.exe File in your C:WindowsSystem32 Folder.
If Microsoft (possibly) games are uninstalled without using the correct uninstaller rundll gets corrupted and lost..
I have 2 running all the time. Mine is located in C:I386 (I have a Dell computer) I do not show anything under WindowsSystem32 .. shouldnt there be one in System32?
I hate it. it causes my computer to run at high CPU usage and the program rundll32 just appears spasmodically. Im convinced that it cant be detected 100% of the time.
Seems to have the same date 5-11-98 as other win98 files - i disabled it in start up and moved it to another dir and things run fine without it so far.. if its absense stops hotmail and msn network its probably a good thing ;)
Part of Windows Operation System. Lost this file from my system one time. Couldnt open anything in Control Panel. Solved the problem by downloading good RUNDLL.EXE from Internet. No problems since.Make sure you get the good RUNDLL.EXE.
Well I know that my computer wasnt shutting down and starting back up by itself before I came acrossed it .Im running xp system and when I goto task manager and end the process of rundll32.exe it stays away until I log off or restart the computer.
My brand computer has been acting pretty strage recently. I usually run my two spyware program and virus scan, but this time they found nothing, so i looked at system processes. It shows different rundll32.exe programs. Isnt there only supposed to be one?
Rundll32.exe appears to be a browser hijacker. It appears each time any explorer page is opened and also on reboot. I have tried many ways to defeat this trojan and none have long term success. The only way is FDISk and reinstall your life then never go online again
I dont know what it is, but whenever it seems to be open in my Task Manager certain programs would close at random, so I would close it, the program would work. A few moments later rundll32 would REopen and the program i was running would randomly close again. So I searched for it, deleted it, but it kept coming back. So I finally found a way to get rid of it. I can still access my control panel, however.
Rundll32 is slowly killing my pc, i dont know what to do i deleated it in safe mode and i deleated it out of the startup files but it keeps coming back. Its stopping me from logging into MSN messenger, its messing with my dirextX files and some games cant render properly, its making my computer dead slow and theres 5 processes running all run32dll and it was not there before. And my control panel wont open but i fixed that by reinstalling windows with a new windows folder.
It keeps invading my computer with a note that says it is an illegal operation.
When mem usage gets over 120mb, printing starts to get screwed up. Kill the process and all returns to normal for several days. Then is returns and slowly builds in memory size again.
I deleted rundll32 after a spyware registry website said it should be deleted and now I cant open certain programs. Does anyone know if there is a way i can get it back?
RunDLL32 is basically a process to start other required process, most of the time called RunDLL32 executing other process processes is left incomplete as some error or intializing called process fails, mostly happens in windows application, No harm in manually ending the process as it unfreezes the master application.
I know that I need this file to open my control panel but it is apparently downloading viruses into my computer so what can i do!
Just wondering most things you all said were in cwindowssystem32 isnt on my computer. Any ideas?
Normally an essential windows file, but if it appears on task manager its probably been altered by some form of virus. In my case some suspect active X plugins altered the file. Everytime i started up IE i got re-directed to a site with popups tryin to get me to execute some dodgy exe. Solution: simply used system restore to reset the dlls to default state. The fact that the virus hides behind rundll32 makes it VERY difficult to detectremove with common freeware programs (addaware, spybot etc)
Rundll32.exe has performed an illegal operation (every time I start my computer) and My Remote Control for ATI 8500 DV does not load.
Rundll32.exe is a executable which is neccessary for windows environment. It is always present in c:windowssystem32. It may also some times found in other places which must be a virus. In case of virus its always in mix, upper and lower case letters combination. RunDLL32 is used to run DLLs as programs.This program is part of Windows, used to run program code in DLL files as if it were an actual program. Rundll32.exe loads and runs 32-bit DLLs. I suggest you not to play with Rundll32.exe
If found in startup list, delete it without delay
XP (as well as NT and server 2003) have a nifty little system file checker tool: go to Start Run sfc you can point it to the file you want to check, and it will re-copy it in its original version from a cab file on your hard disk, or from the install CD. Id like to know how to see what is invoking it
My comp started working so slow and I just fond out runddl32 working on the system. It is a virus or not?
Rundll32.EXE is a Windows system file used to run a section of a dll file as though it were a standalone exe. It is only dangerous if maliciously used, or infected with a virus.
Rundll32.exe is part of the win operating system used to run dll as apps but there is another file with the exact name that runs and cannot be closed down through the task manager. If you do close it down it does not matter as it will run undetected and still and cause your CPU to falsly run at max CPU power when you access your hard drive or other IDE devices but the CPU is not running at full but windows thinks it is
Common usageUsed to set taskbar Display Icon Properties (Advanced) Can be abused by intruder
I have this file on my pc and it blocks any internet service from working When ever you try to connect to the internet using explore or open any network application it just block it. Even when you do an ipconfig it doesnt give a gate way ip or any real public add such as .67.Iam still trying to fix this on my pc and need help
Run.dll itself does not appear to be dangerous. the trick is to determine which .dll files are being run and which of them are dangerous. in my amateurish (and probly) dangerous view.
It allways comes out when i turn my computer on
I have 10 to 15 rundll32.exe running and they S-L-O=W everything down e.g webpages games and stuff i want todelete it but i am going to try going round it
Its a Windows Utility to Optimize the System in backround
My computer says it can`t be found, and i need it to run programs in control panel. how do i find it, it is or was a part of my windowsxp.
I had deleted this file because spyware use this. But almost all windows operations use this file also. you cant run control pannal without this program
I never had an issue withit until I installed a nvidia card. When my computer sits idle all nite everything freezes when i want to open them.
The legit rundll32 is designed to be invisible in the NT2000XP task manager list. If you see it running on Task manager it is a trojan horse given the name rundll32 to mislead you.
This file is a virus more! Der with start from Windows emerges
I dont much this file, the only thing I know this file will be use by certain application. The problem now when I reload Windows it seems its run 2 Run32dll.exe
I Agree!!!! rundll32.exe is substantial part of MS Win operating system and nessesary to launch all dlls - compiled Win32 programs (both good and bad) Do not remove! Just
Each time I go to Configurations and click on any of these items (mouse, printer, network, printers, .etc) I get the following message: Cannot find the file C:Windows undll32.exe (or one of its components). Check if this pad or file name is correct and if all neccessary libraries are available. STOP. By consequence I cannot go any further to change e.g. my screen saver .
Only dangerous when corrupted, its fine when first installed, so if you do have a problem, delete anything under the name of Rundll32.exe (and program) and then copy the same file back to where you deleted it from your XP Disk, for example. But the majority of the time it is dangerous, so if you hint corruption or worms, re-install the files!
I have 2 of them and I know that theres only suppose to be one --- but my AVG anti virus doesnt detect anything and as far as I know it doesnt seem to be doing any malicious thing.. but I cant help but feel it is as I have 2 of them and my bro has 4! Im sure its not good but I dont know which is the legit one from the fake one...
It pops in startup monitor (very useful piece of shareware) and i can keep it from loading all its applications but it still loads a browser hijacker and a couple other bugs..I cant catch it with Ad-aware or with spybot
Rundll and Rundll32 are not normal for windows XP machines in the task manager. If so, its a virus and use a virus remover immediately
It is constantly slowing down my computer and i have to end the process every time I turn on my computer
After deleting Rundll32 from my computer Internet exploer along with the control panel.
Wont let me change my desktop wallpaper just helps crash program
You can just close it manually from taskmanager. It isnt such a big deal.
Its needed to run the date n time function, mine wont work because my virus remover removed it so i need to re-download it
I have PalTalk Messenger 7.0 and Rundll32 always messes it up. My webcam works fine (for example Logitech ImageStudio works) but then when I try to go on my cam on Paltalk, I get the mesage that Rundll32 has performed an illegal operation and then my cam never loads.
When it runs my notepad, outlook express and my frontpage do not work and when I disable it I cannot connect to my ftp or check for email.
I am also trying to find out how to fix the problem.Something easy to do so that it does not slow down your computer, is to give it low priority by right clicking it in the task manager window.Just until you find a way to get rid of the problem
Rundll32 was constantly running and slowing down everything I tried doing, avast antivirus recognized it as virus and several spyware programs recommended to delete it. My computer started working as soon as I shut rundll32 down. After I deleted it, everything works great, except I cannot run .av movie. So I guess it is true, there are two types of rundll32.
I suspected something fishy with the file, when shutting down windows 2000Pro it would always be hanging around in the background. It took away the ability of some of my programs to run, once I ended the process in the task manager everything worked fine.
RunDLL32 is the means by which an entry point into a DLL can be called. Such entrypoints could be good or bad, your guess is as good as mine. Asking if RunDLL32 is a virus, is like asking, Is Windows a virus?. Many programs use RunDLL to execute detatched processes. These hang up as easily as any other software, but usually you cant see them on your desktop. If RunDLL is causing your computer to run slowly you need to find out what is causing RunDLL32 to be running.
RunDLL32.dll is most commonly used on systems with Nvidia Graphics Card. On these systems, it is most commonly referred to as Nvidia Quick Tweak. Just make sure it is in your Windowssystem32 folder and that it is properly signed by either Microsoft or Nvidia.
This dll file runs my cpu usage up to a 100%!!!!
I had two instances of rundll32.exe running in task mgr on windows XP. It turned out to be connected to nView from my display adapter install. I stoped it by:: Turning off nView Desktop Manager: Display PropertiesSettings TABAdvancedGeForce TABLeft Pane.Desktop ManagementRight Pane.DisableOKDisplay Properties OK..That did it for me its not there anymore.
There seems to be 2 versions of rundll32.exe The harmless windows origin and the dangerous trojan one. Kill the pestile immediately The right one is in sys32 dir and the evil one elsewhere in your windows or system dirs.
My Rundll32 is modifided with this padding , but it doesnt run in the taskmanger and my system doesnt run slowly. I deleted it and needed to install Windows because Nvida CP didnt work and so on..
Same as Norman, When ever i start the PC it says it cant be found, so i guess that it told the PC that it should run it. :-S
3 or 4 of these files keep popping in & out of my task manager and freezing up any program Im in. If I get rid of it, the programs run normally
Its using 9% of my CPU , a 3Gig Barton core XP. running 18 DLLs
Most of those files are adware ,spyware ,or viruses
Its used to load 32 bit libs, it sucks, the hour glass beside my cursor keeps popping up and going away really fast, and in task manager, it opens and closes really fast making my comp really sluggish
I deleted the fine and nothing from my control panel will open now. keeps telling me rundll32 is needed to open programs, wish i can put it back now
Rundll.exe is required to execute a DLL as an application, a kind of which the control panel is.
Does anyone how I can reinstall the file Rundll32.exe. Is it possible to send the file by mail ( so that I can copy it on to my pc?
This file takes over my entire CPU , I cant make it go away,
I have 2 RNDLL32.exe processes running. Is this normal?
In Win9x, it ia a necessary process -- leave it alone. In xp and other os, it is malware! Get rid of it!
As I have seen some people directly deleted it ! but first check when the process is ubicated. It is possible to see the rundll32 when you open the contro panel ! so do not deleted it , Win needs the process to work right.
It is a necessary program for the dll librar to process properly. If you are having problems or errors due to this file, it is not the file itself, but a virus or trojan which is hiding behind it.
It is used to run hotmail and i deleted it and i cant use those things.i NEED it back and i dont know how to get it? ahh
MANY viruses are hidden with this name like run32dll or rundii32.. i was infected with rundii32.scr, and it eats about 20 mb ram and goes with your processor somewhere at +80%
As others have stated can`t open control paneladd remove programs etc. My question is how do you remedy this problem?
Its really anoying it makes my comp really slow
Its New Dot Net Spyware according to My Firewall!
In my firewall I get RANDLL32.EXE is that the same thing as RUNDLL32.EXE It keeps on poping up on my firewall it wont stop, and I dont want to let it in, what should I do I cant get rid of the popup
I also deleted it by accident and cant use my control panel! How do i get it back? plz help
It slows down my computer and doesnt let some of my programs run correctly
Only operates on windows other and 2000, XP, and 2003. Im currently looking for more info, but i have XP and rundll32.exe is in my processes. My computer keeps restarting for no reason and sometimes does as soon as windows boots up.
You cant STOP the dll when its running, everything still works fine. Do not delete it!
Zone Labs asks me if I want to open it. I say no. The computer doesnt seem to be any the worse for it
Damned slows the machine, cant even open new windows properly and programs and webpages load a lifetime long.. what the heck..
In my case it was part of the nVidia Desktop Manager functions, nVidia uses it to launch the tweak tool in the sys tray. If you have this and you have nVidia you can probably relax. If you do not have nVidia it is likely you have a worm.
Rundll32.exe is substantial part of MS Win operating system and nessesary to launch all dlls - compiled Win32 programs (both good and bad) DO NOT REMOVE! Just
I know that if I dont close it from my Close Program Box I cant play Freecell. I wish I could understand it enough know if I should get rid of it.
Once deleted it has a back up file to add to the start up undeteted so that it puts a lock on the control panell but i do not worry abot it that much because i am staring to find away around it and learning to kill it because your virus protector will normally skipp over because it thinks it is microsoft certified like some of the drivers and anyway it is like a old dos all viruses that i have found i play with them on my older computer.if you want to learn more about a virus get a older computer and down load it in to it and start playing with it and see what happens
Each website is saying different stuff.. rundll32 is a windows file. and one website said it even contains time n date information. is it harmful? when i check my processes it runs on 100%
I had a hard time with Rundll32 taking the place of Explorer on my hard drive. Remove VX-2 with ad-aware fixed the problem.
RunDLL32.exe is in itself harmless - its a neccesary part of Windows. The problem comes from malwarebadly coded programsetc. These commonly use RunDLL32 to open popups, run keyloggers, etc., but it is also vital to many ligitimate processes. Dont remove it - just try to find out whats running it, then remove that. In the meantime, kill the process using Task Manager. Remember, something legit may be using it too, so use info like the Mem Usage & CPU to guess at which it is.. generally though therell only be one rundll32.exe process running, the bad one, if indeed any.
Without it, I cannot access my Control Panel or any of my Display Settings.
Do i need this proces to use my programs?my msn doesnt work
It try to locate itself to my startup folder, I guess it is a virus
When i start my system cpu usage is going nearly 99% because of rundll32.exe using nearly 85% of cpu
Some users or should i say malicious users, are using this prog to initiate unwanted dlls. E.G. Swap mouse buttons and log off a user on logon.
It kept erroring, and slowing down my computer. so i got rid of it..and cant open my control panel!!! so i would definitely not recommend deleting the file..but certainly find out how to tame it!
It can shut down your computer, and screw it up, as well as overwork your CPU,a nd you computer may get really slow or crash. Also, It makes it so you cant print ANYTHING, or burn CDs. It also opens a trojan and may download other bad files to your computer.
There are some legitimate uses for (the real) RUNDLL.EXE for example, the nVidia driver settings control panel uses RUNDLL.EXE to load itself into the system tray. If you bring up the context menu on the nVidia system-tray icon and tell it to exit, RunDLL.exe will most likely disappear from your process list as well. Note that if you ask the tray icon to exit, the nVidia tray process will no longer load on startup. To re-enable it, you must go into DisplayPropertiesSettingsAdvancedGeForceXXXXTroubleShooting and then check the Display nVidia Settings Icon in Taskbar checkbox.
These data is creating from Windows, if it where not there, we can not open our contros panel.
It prevents windows to shut down correctly, needing to shut down manually
Search high and low and found that rundll32exe can hide trojons and spyware and can also be trusted software that just uses this line to run unknown software
When you do not have a fire wall to stop it it opens a site and takes over your home page I do not remember wich one but it did it until I instaled zone alarm when it was in the list I did not give it access and then rest my home page and deleted the site but it still loads
RunDll32 was deleted and now I cant open my control panel
Yes, its exactly 31.5Kb large.Viewed by Notepad its clearly, that the file has been modified - some 1337 artwork is hidden in there. Also many paddings divided by an XX at the end of the file. I solved the problem, by booting in save mode, closing the process RUNDLL32.EXE and deleting the file. untill now, it had no effect to windows. But IF, you can always copy the real rundll32.exe from your Win XP -CD. Since then, I had no more problems@browsing and starting programmesgames.
Rundll32.exe loads and runs 32-bit DLLs. Rundll32.exe comes with all versions of Microsoft Windows. If you are worried if this process is legitimate, check the .dll name that follows rundll32.exe. Spyware, adware, keyloggers, trojans, etc often hide behind the rundll32.exe process.
RunDLL32 is used to run exported functions of a DLL or EXE file..
It does as Ryan and Sid have said, but it also inhibits Yahoo messenger from working properly as well.
Open it with notepad; search for text padding; if it is ther you an unidentified object; size of dll32 worm is 31,5 to 32 kb
Same meaning as Ryan. Program blocks some other programs from running and also blocks websites from opening. When process is closed, sites opens imediatelly.
For some reason this program is hung in background and is stopping certain programs from opening.


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