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General Information

Process name: KBD EXE
Product name: Hewlett-Packard Company KBD EXE
Made by company: Hewlett-Packard Company
File: kbd.exe
File size: 61,440 bytes
Common file location: C:\Program Files
Danger Rating: 37% [Harmless]

More information on kbd.exe

The Logitech Multimedia Keyboard Manager is a program that lets users configure and manage the special programmable keys found on many keyboards (such as those that enable Internet access, change the volume, and provide special application shortcuts), These controls are commonly found on big-name PCs such as those from HP/Compaq. Terminating the process will disable these functions.


Visitor Comments About kbd.exe
Seems troubelsome for HP users and nonessential for all users. I am running a gateway and this proscess has never given me any trouble, plus having the quick volume controlls and calculators and email and other such shortcuts on my keyboard is a nice feature. it is a luxury but not necessary
This program is from Logitech, and it is a Multimedia related software program. This is considered a safe program and it is not spyware. This also comes installed on many HP (Hewlett Packard) computers. It also allows you to configure additional keyboard keys. Be sure to always double check your spelling if you are concerned about any spyware, as often spyware will use a very similar spelling of system processes or other common tasks. Many malware programs will often use similar names, so always check to make sure the hard drive location is correct for this file. This program should be found i
It has been running on my HP computer all afternoon & I cant use the computer.
It can and HAS been hijacked so that it randomises which key operates the explorer search function, and decides which page to show. This hijack is invisible to Malwarebytes, Norton, Avast as of 662010
Its indeed a keyboard driver (it also goes with my Compaq keyboard). Since I never use it it dropped to around 300 kB in the list of processes. Then I used one of the buttons and it went up to 3,600 kB. I uninstalled it.
I use the HP keyboard on a linux and a XP machine I built myself. Keyboard works great with the extra keys working. Neither of the computers I built have KBD.EXE, which errors out on my HP computer.
It is damned annoying. keeps popping up on my computer endering it useless. nothing works it wants to send an error report, but when I tell it to the computer just freezes
It doesnt do any harm other than consuming most of your CPUs resources.
Makes this certain key right next to the tab key open some website; very annoying because I keep pressing it accidentally
Installed with new HP computers.. harmless.. uses: shortcuts on keyboards..
Lol if you dont want it to run and freeze ur taskbar jus unplug ur ether net wait mins the plug back in and ur all good, thats whgat i do even though i removed it.,. ( i think) but i dont wana take any risks unless im % sure
Its on my hp pavilion and it works fine, and it does not run in my task manager. so leave it alone. dont fix it if it isnt broken
This file was on my HP computer and appeared and told me when I needed to change the batteries in my mouse or keyboard. During one of the various update procedures, it disappeared. When the batteries started losing charge I would get the KBD.EXE error. I went to HP and performed the KBD.EXE download and install and not it works properly again.
Controls the multimedia buttons on your HP keyboard.
So one could assume that KBD stands for KeyBoard Driver...sounds harmless enough to me. My CPU usage has been hitting 100%, only due to a problem with internet explorer that i cant quite figure out (when i start the program, it opens the explorer window which remains white and locks up the comp). Thats what Firefox is for :)
Its for your keyboard (thus kbd) . Completely harmless and DOES NOT install millions of spyware!
It is used to control media buttons on your keyboard or internet or sleep buttons. It is installed with your computer when you buy it so I am assuming its safe because Microsoft or your computer manufacturer wouldnt put a virus in your computer. It may attracted viruses easier but Im not sure. I havent had any problems. You dont need it if you dont use your controls on keyboard.
I think this entire site is a joke. KBD or not, wheres someone who knows more than me.
Update your driver for multimedia keyboard and mouse at hps website. it will fix the problem
I am not using a wireless keyboard. I am just using a normal keyboard supplied to me when I bought HP Pavilion Slimline. Will my keyboard become unstable or unusable if I uninstall it? Like, will my buttons on the keyboard such as volume updown, eject, play, pause, forward, backward, stop working? If this program is not necessary, I want to delete it because it is using 3536K of my memory because it is always running. Im paranoid!
A free virus program that I was testing removed this file for me and rendered my computer unusable. It is a necessary file if you are using certain keyboard configurations.
Pops up with new HP computer. More annoying than anything else.
Its an HP Keyboad driver that unfortunately crashes on every boot on my computer. Non-essential
This program is some how conected to my wireless keybord. But after a while an error occures, and it is shut down. Then I cannot use the multimedia keys. It is quite annoying, because then I cant paus my music while gaming. But it isnt dangerous at all.. (not very good at english)
Can cause fatal loops that make your computer incredibly slow; other processes reacting to it go on overload also. My computer went to 100% CPU usage because of this process.
On AddRemove programs as Enhanced Multimedia Keyboard Solution with uninstall string C:HPKBDInstall.exe u
I dont know evrything about it, just I can see an error on my screen while I stat my Pc
Needed when you use the multimedia keys on Logitechs Multimedia keyboards
Cannot delete from addremove programs. used for HP MM keyboard extensions
My file appears to be can I get another copy of this keyboard file?
There is a fake version entitled under the same name that is known by some to install spyware..but it is standard as a Keyboard process that can be removed by accessing your drive under YOURDRIVE:HPKBD and deleting kbd.exe, then open regedit and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun and accessing the right menu, you can delete KBD.exe and restart your comp to stop it from running. I believe it is uneeded and crunches your CPU, now I know why my levels were at 100 often and before ihad ZoneAlwarm Security Suite runing it was hrd to prtct agnst threats
Ever since my computer shut down due to blackouts, a Microsoft error dialog box keeps appearing, every time i start the computer, how do i remove this error message? :)
Its only an application for driving multimedia keys on wireless keyboards supplied with HP Pavilion computers, & it simply closes after encountering an error.
Why isnt my message showing up, its been more than a week!
Creates error msg on start-up. Can I delete kbd.exe just by using Add and Delete Programs?
KBD.EXE is generating an error message on start up that it had trouble and had to be shut down. Have no idea what is causing this and it is located in my windowsprefetch folder on an HP computer
This is a Key board process and is mainly runs when you have a wired keyboard...some times gives a error if you have a wireless keyboard..kbd.exe encountered a a MSconfig and it shud resolve the error.
Existed on every HPs I bought and have had no problems from it.
My computer uses it to watch for Multimedia Keys on my HP keyboard such as Email and Volume. Programs like this only use alot of memory when something else causes an Unknown Fatal Error that blocks the program from responding. Does not install spyware, does not interfere with SP2, but some other PS2 and USB devices not from HP may interfere. If you get an new keyboard, you MUST remove this program prior to installation.
Located in the same place as the hp representive gave, not dangerous, takes up only 4meg of my ram, and dosent use hardly an processing time
This file comes with the computer when you buy it, it is not a spyware or anything. it is used on major programs.
Pops up whener I open up one of my media players like windows media and winamp.
This app is required for special features on some wirless keybaords. it does not install 1000 spywares, should be located in C:hpKBDKBD.exe on HP machines.
As long as it is the HPKBD.EXE then its the software to run function buttons on keyboard such as media buttons and internet buttons
Keyboard and mouse related. display really ennoying sticky popup when battery are gone. can be disable safely
Takes 99 of 100 cpu, which makes the computer unusable (HP computer), delete the process with msconfig and then tick off the process kbd.exe, reboot computer.
I have SP2 installed and I also downloaded Java JRE2 and everything works FINE.
Locks up on startup if you have service pack 2 installed, stupid hp
Needed when you use the multimedia keys on Logitechs Multimedia keyboards.


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